Turkey’s Generation Z: A Youth Challenge to Erdoğan

More than seven million Turks born around the millennium—Generation Z—will vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2023. By age group, they will be the next kingmakers. Studies show they remain distant toward politics in general and Erdoğan in particular. 

Political scientists call them “Generation Z.” They are young Turks born around the turn of the millennium—technically, those who were born in 1995 and later. They have never known any leader other than Turkey’s Islamist president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who came to power in 2002.

More than seven million of these young people will vote for the first time in presidential and parliamentary elections in 2023. Recent studies show they could prove to be a challenge to Erdoğan’s uninterrupted rule.

Murat Gezici, a pollster, said young voters are “more environmentally friendly, empathetic, sensitive, and thoughtful” than previous generations. That is not good news for Erdoğan, whose ideology is isolationist, divisive, and based on polarization. Generation Z hit the headlines recently when it “warned” the president that they could be Turkey’s next kingmakers by age group.

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