Ukraine Won’t Surrender (Apologies to Certain Europeans)

There is one big difference between how Ukrainians and many well-wishing Westerners expect Russia’s war to end.

Some in the West hope for an end to hostilities, whatever the terms. Ukrainians know that only victory will bring long-lasting peace.

To those analysts abroad, notably in those European Union countries with a long-standing tolerance of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, such as Germany and Italy, who are calling on Ukraine to surrender because they can’t stand watching the horrors of war, here’s the message on behalf of Ukrainians: that’s not going to happen.

Russia wants to destroy Ukraine, in one way or another. Putin and his acolytes have made this crystal clear. What Western governments should do instead is to support Ukraine more — impose new sanctions on Russia, including on its oil and gas, stop the use of Russian ports, and disconnect all Russian banks from SWIFT. At the same time, send more weapons; first of all, aircraft and air defense systems Ukraine badly needs to protect its civilians, including pregnant women and children, from Russian bombs raining on their heads.

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