Understanding and managing the hidden health crisis of COVID-19 in Europe

COVID-19 may produce further, longer-term consequences, not just from reduced care provision, but from the impact of lockdowns on mental and physical health.

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on morbidity and mortality across the world, with a current worldwide death total, as of June 2, of more than 376,000 people.1 The initial focus of all countries’ response has been to address the critical needs of COVID-19 patients. However, hidden acute and chronic implications of the outbreak could have deeper impact across the population.

Some evidence already exists of a major, indirect, and undermanaged health impact. Data from many countries across Europe are showing significant increases in excess deaths2 in March and April 2020. While many are likely attributable directly to COVID-19, up to 50 percent in some regions are recorded as non-COVID-19-related3 (Exhibit 1). It is possible that these effects are driven in part by health services cancellation and care avoidance, but data to truly understand the causes are limited.

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