US Corporations: The US’s New Principled Liberals?

Republicans increasingly force U.S. corporations to act as a kind of extra-parliamentary opposition to protect their brands and consumer appeal.

Say what you want about the United States but, for all its longstanding traditions, the country is always good for (positive) surprises coming from unexpected corners.

The first shot was fired by U.S. corporations such as Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines and sports bodies such as Major League Baseball taking a principled stance against Republican efforts to limit voting rights in 21st century America.

Hitting Republicans where it hurts

Now, corporate efforts to stand squarely in the way of Republicans undermining voting rights — a core element of democracy — are gathering real steam. Major airlines, retailers and manufacturers are making their opposition to this hijacking of democracy known.

Even Republicans must know that corporations can hit where it hurts — namely by withholding campaign contributions.

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