Want to pitch a16z? Make sure it’s Lindy

Silicon Valley kingmaker Marc Andreessen invests according to the Lindy principle. It’s one of many heuristics in his interconnected and sometimes contradictory web of ideology.

What do countryside strolls, manual car keys, grapes, skipping breakfast and Harvard all have in common? They’re all Lindy — at least, according to various disciples of the theory.

The Harvard contribution comes from one of the most prominent Lindy believers: Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz.

It’s not a stretch to say your startup doesn’t matter until it’s on a16z’s radar. Facebook, Lyft, Instagram, Affirm, Roblox and Coinbase all benefited from early a16z investments. And with the firm fresh off a $9 billion fundraising campaign, startup founders are more eager than ever to understand the thought processes that determine who gets a coveted a16z stamp of approval.

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