What drives job satisfaction? Researchers think this is the answer

-Being interested in your work might not be the key to job satisfaction.

-Your boss and colleagues are more important, a new study of data going back to 1949 says.

-But being interested in what you do will improve your pay and promotion prospects.

Hate your job and want to move on? Chances are that it’s down to your boss or the people you work with, rather than how interesting you find the work.

A new study based on data going back to 1949 turns conventional wisdom about the sources of job satisfaction on its head. Far from the generally accepted notion that it’s down to the work itself, people, it seems, could be the most important ingredient.

“To be satisfied with a job, you don’t have to worry too much about finding a perfect fit for your interests because we know other things matter too,” says Levin Hoff, an assistant professor of psychology at Houston University.

“As long as it’s something you don’t hate doing, you may find yourself very satisfied if you have a good supervisor, like your coworkers, and are treated fairly by your organization.”

To reach his conclusions, Hoff and his team analyzed 39,600 interviews conducted over 65 years.

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