What is AI? Top computer scientist Stuart Russell explains in this video interview

  • Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley, and author of Human Compatible, is one of the world’s most respected experts on artificial intelligence.
  • In this video interview, he assesses the current state of AI, its perceived threat to our lives and the power of algorithms on social media and beyond.
  • The video interview is part of the World Economic Forum’s newly launched Experts Explain series, in which leading voices from economics, science and social psychology share their biggest ideas.

“If technology could make a twin of every person on Earth and the twin was more cheerful and less hungover and willing to work for nothing – how many of us would still have our jobs?”

These words from Berkeley professor and computer scientist Stuart Russell cut to the heart of our apprehension around artificial intelligence. Just how much of what we do can AI learn to do better than us? And how safe will we humans feel once it does?

In this in-depth video interview, Russell addresses our collective unease around a technological dystopia, exploring the function and scope of ‘general purpose’ AI, from the humble domestic thermostat to the attention-hungry bleeps and pings that keep us glued to our smartphones.

“If you nudge somebody hundreds of times a day for days on end, you can move them a long way in terms of their beliefs, their preferences, their opinions,” says Russell.

“Algorithms are having a massive effect on billions of people in the world. I think we’ve given them a free pass for far too long.

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