What makes a career ‘entrepreneurial’?

I explain what I mean by coaching people pursuing ‘entrepreneurial careers’ along with some frameworks for climbing a different career ladder.

Earlier this month I bought a copy of Courier Mag to revel in the stories about those brave enough to pursue their own adventures and ‘become a tablescaper, ‘launch an online interiors marketplace’, ‘build a gender-neutral underwear brand’ and so on.

The message is clear: there is no shortage of ways to make your own living and inspiration is everywhere for those who are ready to shift gears with their career.

I can’t help but resonate with the subtitle’s message that those who do, may just change their life. My life has changed pretty drastically since I quit my job in 2019 in so many ways including increased confidence, happiness, health, and depending on the month, wealth.

But I also don’t believe you need to build something as newsworthy as the businesses in Courier to be considered entrepreneurial, or to reap similar rewards.

This post will explore what having an entrepreneurial career path involves and offer some principles and frameworks when charting your own — because more and more people continue to do so each day.

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