When The Magic Happens

This is a story about when big innovations happen.

Not how, but when. And to some extent, why.

Hopefully you find it counterintuitive at first before it quickly seems obvious. That’s how most important ideas work.

And hopefully you’ll see why 2020, for all the hell its brought, could be the new beginnings of something promising.

Cars and airplanes are two of the biggest innovations of modern times.

But there’s an interesting thing about their early years.

Few looked at early cars and said, “Oh, there’s a thing I can commute to work in.”

Few saw a plane and said, “Ah-ha, I can use that to get to my next vacation.”

It took years and decades for people to see that potential.

What they did say early on was, “Can we mount a machine gun on that? Can we drop bombs out of it?”

Every new invention looks like a toy at first. Adolphus Greely was one of the first people outside the car industry to realize the “horseless carriage” could be useful.

Greely, a brigadier general, purchased three cars in 1899 – almost a decade before Ford’s Model T – for the U.S. Army to experiment with. In one of its first mentions of automobiles, The Los Angeles Times wrote about General Greely’s purchase:

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