Your next job move could be easier than you think

-The global labour market can absorb approximately 150 million new tech jobs during the next five years. And many other traditional jobs will become “tech-enabled jobs,” requiring the employees who fill them to have more digital skills.

-Targeting investments to help workers build the right skills is critical, but it is even more important that we ensure we are not leaving underrepresented groups behind.

The coronavirus pandemic squarely hit the labour market, and in the first half of 2020 we have seen many of the trends we have been tracking around the future of work accelerate at a rapid clip. Though we’ve seen the immediate shift to a socially-distanced and even more digital world touch all parts of the globe, the impact to the labour market has played out differently across countries, industries and populations.

We have a rocky road ahead: first, we must tackle unemployment and cope with the volatile cycles of economic recovery. And we must also make pressing decisions about how we get people back to work in resilient, sustainable jobs. Reskilling efforts have become more urgent than ever as we settle into our new normal.

Despite the challenges ahead, there is reason for optimism.

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