Your next office could be a hotel

With the hotel industry struggling and remote workers looking for places other than home to work, startups are working to connect the dots.

The hotel industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and may not recover for years (even if there is a vaccine). At the same time, many believe that remote working is here to stay.

Looking at those two trends, number of startups across Europe are connecting the dots —  turning empty hotel rooms and lobbies into office space to rent, helping hotels make extra money and giving remote workers a place to go.

“During lockdown — when people were at home and hotels had to close — we really felt the impact,” explains Simon Botto, the chief executive of DayBreakHotels, an Italian startup that helps customers book hotels online.

The startup launched a ‘smart working’ service, first in Italy and then in the UK, where people can book a hotel room for the day to use as an office. Botto’s company now has 400 hotels signed up to use the service, and they’re averaging 300 bookings a week.

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